Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We are Family

 It is official, since Saturday we are parents of our two babies. We adopted Steele and Toby after 4weeks of fostering we decided it is time now to make them officially part of our family.

Toby is growing, getting bigger everyday. He got shot number 3 this past weekend, gained 4lbs in 2 weeks. He is still underweight and gets 3 cups of food now a day. (Steele gets 2) He has a hard time eating all that food and has to take several brakes! :)

He is letting us know everytime he has to go to the bathroom and takes the pee pad only to play on. He has no clue what this thing is really for.

Playing with Daddy

Playing with each other

Steele inside the dog park making friends

Toby watching his big brother from the outside, still not allowed around other dogs (two more weeks!)

Relaxing on top of the stairs

and making his way downstairs (stretching and barking before walking down)

More resting

Learning to shake, Steele is already a pro but wants to get treats too.


Waiting patiently at the Vet's office

Learning to "Stay" while we walk away

getting rewarded when obeying.


 Brian trying to teach him to play dead when he shoots him. (he didn't figure that one out quite yet)


Relaxing in the sun

and exploring potted plants (more interested in the dirt than anything)


and exhausted after a full day of playing and exploring they need some rest

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