Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doggie Update

Steele spooning with Daddy

Toby's favorite places

If not under the bed, he is on the Coffee table, or on the top of the stairs

and new is laying on the grass, not getting up for ages

Brothers hanging out

can you still tell a difference in size?

Playing Hide and Seek

Playing with mommy

and destroying stuff while we are not looking

We had a one on one training with Steele to break him from barking and jumping at other dogs on leashes.
It already got better, but we still have a long way to go.

Toby went to his first beginners obedience class, but was too good of a student so that he got switched into the intermediate class.

Next Wednesday is our first class in the new class.

And while off professional training, Brian does a good job.
Jump (only when asked!)

And then my most favorite part, we bought life jackets for the boys to go swimming (while we are tubing) in the Chattahoochee River.

Hopefully we can test this on Saturday. Stay tuned! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Front Porch upgrade

It was time again to take the sewing machine out of the closet, order some fabric online and create some new pillows. Since Toby destroyed all of his three beds by biting through the fabric and ripping the batting in tiny little pieces,

 I decided to save what is left and create a seat for the rocking chair instead of fixing his beds. He is now bed-less and hopefully learns something. LOL

I already had some other turquois/creme pillows with a different pattern to join the new seat cushion. It looks so comfy to spend some time in and watch people go by.

Since there is always left over fabric, I sewed another pillow for the swing on the opposite site of our porch. I made the seat cushion last year when we first bought the swing.  

Done, done and done - the front porch is now ready for gorgeous summer nights spend outside.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Date Night

I had date night - with my Silhouette Cameo. That's what I come up with while Brian is again out of town for couple  weeks. Being a single mom to our two puppy dawgs is the best very exhausting and doing anything but working and walking is hard to even think about. But there was one night last week which I dedicated to some crafting. Remember my grey wall art?  I liked it but felt like something is missing. I came across a wall decal website and found some inspiration on words.

 I printed several  words in different sizes with my Silhouette on black vinyl.

I attached backing to the front of the words and laid them out on our dining room table. 

Then I attached them with tape onto the board.

I peeled off the backing and since there is structure on the grey, the letters didnt really stick to the board. OF COURSE - always something going wrong with my (easy peasy 5 minute projects) 
My bottle of mod podge came to help. After two coats the letters finally stick to the board and I kinda like the PEACE FOREVER :) sign..

until I come up with a different idea for it.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Start from Scratch


Number 1: Backsplash in the kitchen - thankfully DONE
Number 2: Making our house more cozy and personal - working on artwork, pillow cases and providing it with a nice doggie smell - DONE
Number 3: putting frosted film on the bathroom windows - DONE
Number 4: creating a nice cozy guest bed room for our family and friends - DONE
Number 5: recovering furniture to make it more personal in the house - ONGOING
Number 6: having my own craft room - DONE
Number 7: building a build in bookcase for the formal living room - this is my dream since we bought the house
Number 8: finishing the basement
Number 9: extending the deck
Number 10: screen-in front porch 

The yard was never in our top 10 priority list. I don't like the weeds or that we don't have a lot of backyard, but I could live with it, if it would have been just for Brian and me. Now that we have Toby and Steele, with lots of energy, we would like for them to run around in the yard and not in the house
anymore. We started our "Yard Project" by planting 36 Ligustrum Shrubs as a fence line in the front of the house. You can read about it here and here They are 3gallon shrubs and need years to be somewhat fence like, but still it was a start.
Next to our house, on our property we have that huge detention pond (it almost looks like a football field) Since the house was build in 2007 it hasn't been cleaned out and it was overloaded with weeds, bushes, dead trees.
It is there for excessive rain fall, but has never been more than 3' wet.
Last week we finally had a company come over to clean it out.
They did what they said and CLEANED IT OUT, there was nothing left but 5 shrubs and 3 trees. We came home to a very empty detention pond.
It got covered up with pine straw. They found two snakes in the mess and I'm very happy to have missed those.

TADA, here it is.. our clean and empty detention pond. Now we can start from scratch and see what we really want in there. (keeping in mind we are not allowed to destroy the function of that pond)

We sat down and put a little plan together on what we would like to see..

Removing the gate to the other side closer to our house, adding stepping stones down into the pond, planting some shrubs on the sides... To make it more private we would like to plant more 3gal Ligustrum recurv on the outside of that huge fence, 52 and counting! Not sure when to do all that, but I'm already excited about the finished yard we might be able to have.


There is just this one tiny question, what to do with the base of the pond? grass seeds? short Monkey grass which comes in 4' pots and you have to plant those? Having the dogs run in it, might destroy any grass! Leave pine straw and only do the sides? We went to a nursery to get ideas but left frustrated, because no one can tell us what is best to put down. It is so steep that a lawn mower cant be easily rolled down there.

I'm thankful for any recommendations you might have!!

Have a nice week. 

Carina and her 3 boys! :) 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

You have mail

Have you lately bought any kind of greeting cards? I have the impression that they get more and more expensive. I found plain cards and envelopes on sale couple months ago and decided that from now on I will just create my own. Easier planned then done. With a crazy work schedule and doggies at home which want your full attention when home, there is just nothing like free time anymore. I feel like training for a marathon or something. I get so much walking done as I've never had in my life.

Our friends Michelle and Justin just got married in Costa Rica and have a backyard wedding celebration this coming weekend. I decided on finally put my butt down and create a card last night. From the online Silhouette store i purchased a wedding dress card design for .99$ printed it on a 8x8 sheet of white linen-ish paper. Since it was double sided it has this volumn effect. 

Next I cut brown ribbon and hot glued it in half

I hotglued the ribbon around the dress and the dress onto the card.  
I found a rub-on booklet and with a pen rubbed the "for the bride and groom" onto the card.

and since I was already sitting I created couple more cards. I noticed that I'm already way too late for Mothers/Fathersday. Mail to Germany takes about 10 days! I'm way behind schedule. That never happened before. Those darn dogs. :)
And since my trade show took all of my free time when my best friend in Germany had her birthday, that card is still sitting there waiting to get mailed. Sorry Katrin, I promise I will send it off one of these days!
I'm the worst friend e-v-e-r.

Ready to be stuffed in an envelope and send off... oh.. some words inside would be good too, wouldn't it?

Until next time!

That crazy german girl...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm one of those moms

One of those, who can't keep the camera down and needs to take pictures of her puppies every minute of their life and share it with the world.

Toby is always so excited to find a "good" stick that we need to take a break from our walks.


There are only so many yards in the neighborhood, where the grass is really soft. Toby can tell you exactly which ones those are. He is rolling around or stops for a quick break each time we pass them.

He got the addiction for shoes from his mommy...


and has the weirdest sleeping positions (from his dad, I assume! :) )

 Sucking on wet dish towels if nothing else is around to chew on.

They love peanut butter and bones with any kind of filling

Sometimes even my hand for a different flavor :)

Toby is teething right now, losing teeth left and right.
So far I found two

Steele spending some time with Brian on the deck, sharing a chair

and taking a nap



Trying to keep Toby happy in his crate by giving him more space 

But its just not what he was looking for. So last week I decided on not crating Toby anymore and to give him a little more space to roam. I closed off the bathroom with a babygate, closed the closet door and thought he will be good to go. Plan not made with that little energetic bundle. First day, he locked himself in the closet by pushing open the door. The door closed and Toby was in the pitch black closet for couple hours playing with the hamper, bath mat and my gym clothes. He was so relieved when I finally came home and opened the door.

Repeat for day two!

Day three, the closet door finally stayed close, but this time he ran through the babygate having the time of his life in our bedroom (heating pad and cord destroyed, camera strap and plastic piece broken, his bed all over the floor, cell phone charger cord in pieces...)

We now have a very clean bed- and bathroom, so he might not be able to find anything besides the toys dedicated to him, to play with. Lets see how week two of not being crated goes.
(the babygate was taken down, after he decided to just jump over it)

Hanging out on the stairs

Steele coming home (very stinky) from a bachelor party weekend with daddy.
After his bath Brian dried him off with my hair dryer

 and off we go with some more play time,

Every time Toby and Steele play and it gets to rough, Toby hides under the bed (not sure how much longer he is getting away with that. Its getting really tight.) He also does that when having something in his mouth he is not supposed to have.

Already having a hard time crawling out

And then there is the time when they are just good, listen to you and are the cutest dogs in the whole wide world


 Happy Hump Day!