Sunday, September 25, 2011


I can't believe the weekend is almost over! It's time to go to bed - but I'm dragging it since when I wake up, I have to go right back to work. This weekend was flying by. It was the most amazing weather here in Atlanta. After Brian being gone for the week, I was so looking forward for him being back home. I hate being alone during the night. ...and to make it worse there were some thunderstorms going on this week. I hate it, I'm such a pussy. I'm good and fearless until its getting dark. I hear all kinds of weird noises around the house, even if there is nothing going on, my brain just goes wild.

Saturday we drove to the Callaway Gardens which is about 80 miles away. Driving in my little convertible with the roof down was almost like vacation. We walked for hours in the nature, visited a butterfly exhibit where the most amazing looking butterflies were flying around and watched a bird prey show. They had a hawk, an owl, a buzzard, and a falcon, all of them were flying really close over everyones heads. Very cool and we really enjoyed it.

My project for this weekend was to get an idea on how to make cake pop pompoms. A colleague of mine asked me to make her some for her niece and her cheerleading team. I haven't done a lot of them, so I decided I would need some practice before I give them to her and even get paid! Yay, my first cake pops job!!:) A couple months ago I made little chickens, which you can check out here.

After baking the white cake, crumble it up and mix it with a can of frosting, I rolled balls and put them in the freezer overnight. I have learned that the lolipop stick will stick in the dough if it's frozen, and works much better than having it just chilled.

The colors of the pompoms are white and blue and I tried different versions to see what's working best.

I bought blue sparkels, coconut flakes, white and blue candy melts.  

          blue sparkels                                coconut flakes and blue sparkels
 and here the full collection, nicely wrapped..


and because its just a test run, I of course had to try one already, or two... :) THEY ARE YUMMY and really moist!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

You can count to five...

I promised I will put some of my last craft projects down, and here we go - count to 5!

1) YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. It just looked so nice and got my mood up that I had to sit down right away and got the paint brush out. I just need to find the perfect spot now in the house.


    ... my Pinterest copy

2) Another Pinterest idea which I had to steal..  

Pinterest....                 ... my Pinterest copy

Since I love Letters, I had to do a "B" as well - You could say "B" and "C" come in a package! :)

3) A 3 hour trip to Jo-Anns ended up with a lot of Fall decorations in my cart and in the end two nice Fall Wreaths for our front door!

4) More Fall decorations around the house...

the fireplace:



You can read about our dining table make-over here.
All the pumpkins and corn came from our recent trip to Burt's Pumpkin Farm. If you ever head up to North Georgia (Dawsonville) you should definitely drive by there. It's awesome. The placemats came from Bed Bath and Beyond.

5) Last but not least some new curtains. Now that it is getting dark so early again and I kinda feel uncomfortable to sit inside for everybody walking by to see... I sewed some curtains to cover our high glass front door. I put some lining behind it, so from the outside where the door is red, the curtain shows white.

I hope you are having an inspired craft week. I have some more projects lined up and try to stay up to date by posting more often.

Thanks for reading!! :)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time is flying when you are BUSY

It is again months ago since I was writing last.
I don’t know how all those people in blog land do it!?
Only for the diary reference, I will put some landmarks down…

My friend Doro, her boyfriend and their sweet daugther Josie came to visit from Germany for a couple of days. We spent a lot of time in beautiful hot weather outside, went to Stone Mountain;    

explored our nearby playground, and Josie I think enjoyed it very much!
The guys did too! :)  

There was even some bonding going on, impressive since Brian knows only about 3 words in German!  

Two weeks later we went to Jekyll Island. A long weekend with nothing but sun, beach, and a beautiful scenery. There is NOTHING on that island, so you better be prepared to go to bed early, maybe even pack your dinner. Sunday night we couldn’t even find a single restaurant open after 7.30pm! Long walks and bike rides on the beach. Nature everywhere – just amazing! If you haven’t been there, you should go just for a couple days to relax.

My grandma turned 90! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to celebrate with her, but in my heart I’m always with her! (I did fly to Germany in March for my grandparents 65 Wedding anniversary though!)
Brian’s grandparents had their 65 Wedding anniversary too. We flew to Dayton Ohio for the weekend. Their story is so amazing. She ran away from home with 15, met her husband in a bar (17) and they got married just three days later! Can you believe that!? Now 65 years later, they are still happily married, have a bunch of kids, and grandkids who all came to celebrate this special event.

Just a weekend later, we drove to Santa Rosa Beach in Florida to celebrate two of our closest friend’s wedding on the beach. So beautiful and something to keep in mind if we will EVER get married! :) (I’m not complaining here!).

After two days we drove about 30min south to arrive in Destin, where Brian’s mom rented a condo for the week. We stayed with them for two more days and had a blast with B’s little nephews! It is so good to be out and about.

Of course my birthday was in June too. I love my birthday! I start talking about it at least 6 weeks prior to it. We had a big party, with a lot of dear friends, danced in the kitchen until the sun came up again. It’s a shame we are not doing that a lot more.

One of our biggest tradeshows takes place in July every year. I spent 10 days in NY, haven’t seen a single sight, besides the convention center and my hotel room. It was an amazing show (in the end!) but tons of work. I thought I will not make it through the end though. When it was over there was finally some time in my life! I worked so many hours, weekends and forgot all about going out, that it was nice to have some free time again. Also it didn’t really work out like I expected it to.

Just a couple of days back in the office, I had to have a gum transplantation and was knocked out for couple days/weeks. No solid food for about 4-6 weeks (Soup, Mac and Cheese, and apple sauce were my best friends) Besides the part of losing weight I can’t really say that I would recommend having that. It HURTS.

Two weeks later my beloved grandma passed away, after being sick for a long time. I spent about a week with my family in Germany. It was so good to be home.
The same day she passed away, I caught some kind of sinus infection, which is now with me for the last 5 weeks. Back on antibiotics and steroids, I hope it will come to an end soon.

My friend Katrin from Germany came to visit for two weeks. We are best friends since elementary school and it was so good to have her here. For a long weekend we went to Hilton Head Island, to spent three days on the beach and in the ocean, explored the outlet mall and Target, enjoyed amazing sea food and some Margaritas.
(All those clothes were purchased that day - just saying! - and Brian will be proud of me, since NONE of them are mine!!!)

For another two days we drove to Savannah and did a lot of sightseeing. I just love Savannah with all those green squares, big trees, the Spanish moss...  

While walking around we found the street signs of Bryan and Whitaker.. Also Brian didnt really like that his name was spelled wrong, I think it is so COOL and I'm just a little jealous that there is about no chance to find my name on a street corner.

The last half day of our trip we went to Tybee Island, sat on the beach, relaxed in the sun and played in the waves before it was time to leave!

The last weekend with her, we spent pretty much all day outside. We went up to North Georgia, went hiking up the Amicalola Fall and stopped at Burt's Pumpkin Farm... Those pumpkins were amazing and we of course bought some for fall decorations.


Next weekend another good friend of mine will come for one week and I’m totally excited because we will go to Oktoberfest - in Helen, GA!
If you can’t have the real thing, you just go with fake. We went last year and it was so much fun. So this year, our group is even bigger and I’m already sure we will have a blast.

That’s it for now.. – the craft part comes in another blog, maybe even next week! :)