Friday, December 19, 2014

Spool to Ottoman

Remember when I found a spool at Home Depot and got all excited?

I had another one in the basement, a lot smaller that I got from one of our tradeshows earlier this year. I was almost as excited about it! :)

Surprisingly I don't have a picture of it and didn't take one until I was way into my project.

I took out the metal stakes that were holding the spool together and ended up with only the top and bottom wooden circle.
In the middle was cheap cardboard and was thrown out.

I cut a 2x4 into 6 pieces, about 8" long and with a nail gun, nailed them to both sides of the wooden circle.

One of the table runners that I made out of burlap for our wedding, needed to be cut in pieces and got stapled all around to the top and bottom of the wooden circles to give it a better shape for later.

I cut 3" foam with our electrical turkey knife into a round shape, the same size as the wooden circle and spray glued it onto one side.

Can you almost see the new ottoman?

Leftover batting covers the complete spool.

I sketched around the wooden circle and marked it onto the left side of an old coffee bag. Cutting it out with about 1.5" space all around. This is going as the top seat cover. The leftover bag was used for the bottom and got sewed into one long piece.

After several fittings it was time to staple the burlap onto the bottom of the chair with lots of stocking it along the way.

I attached some wooden legs to finish it up. 

What do you think?

Pretty Royal isn't it? :)

 Now if I would just be in town to be able to enjoy the new ottoman...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Outdoor bench

I don't think I have shown you our bench project yet, I could be wrong though.
I'm all over the place right now, never at home, never in the same city for more than 3 days.
These last 6 weeks were just crazy. Toronto, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Germany...

I was driving to the airport the other day and couldn't even remember where I'm going that day.

It is pretty bad. Only good thing about this is, I'm very close to being platinum with my skymiles account. I do have fun doing it, but right now it is a little too

Anyways... Maybe a month ago, while we were at the cabin, we decided to do something with the two 10' wood pieces that we bought at the Blue Ridge auction.

They were really cool, but in pretty bad shape. Dried out with lots of sharp edges and splinters.

We bought some wood and long screws and cut legs to size, attached them to the bottom of the seat.

I sanded for hours and hours until everything was smooth.

After the wood "drank" three coats of Polyurethane, it started to look healthy again.

Doesn't this look so good?

To make it more stable, we cut a hole in the middle leg, bought an 8' long handrail and slid it through the hole. Screwing it in from the outsides. 

And here they are...

Very happy with the end result, we now have plenty of seating on our decks. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Shutter ideas

When we bought our cabin, the crawl space was jam packed with junk from the previous owners.
We left it untouched for 6 months not sure what to do with all of this.
When it got colder, the heat didn't stay in the house and the downstairs smelled musty. We decided to spend the money and have our crawl space insulated.
The company came out and hauled all of the things outside. We decided what to keep, everything else they took and recycled. I loved it. There were tons of cool tiles, paint, and a huge shutter/door panel.
It stank like crazy and took almost 6 hours, but after it was done, the heat now stays in the house and the musty smell is completely gone.
It was worth every penny.

It really is huge. I decided to cut it in half, not knowing what to do with an almost 10' door.

Paint stripper came in handy, I covered the complete thing with it and waited for 30 minutes.
 Most of the white nasty paint came easily off, revealing a kind of cool green paint which didn't come off.

 I love paint stripper, you so easily get the paint off with a spatula, I don't know why I ever sanded.
After seeing the green paint, I decided I'm going to leave it as is and only attached four double hooks for towels, coats, etc.
You can still see some white paint on it. It makes it more rustic and I think it turned out really nice.

It matches the color of the d├ęcor of our bedroom at the cabin, and now guests can easily hang up their coats.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Upcycled Spool

If I would look for a new place to live, Home Depot would be on the top 5 list. Can you imagine? I would have my garden in the outside area, the bathrooms and laundry as well as the kitchen in the appropriate aisles, the living room in the paint section and the bedroom in the lumber area.
Oh how cool would that be.
So since we are not (yet) looking for a new place to live and I'm not sure if Brian would agree to my plan, I just go there to visit.  
I love strolling around thinking of all the projects I could do. When we were up in Blue Ridge the other weekend, I needed something from the home improvement store and went into town. Walking around I saw this amazing empty spool just standing in the aisle by itself. I looked at Brian, got so excited, and he had no idea what I was showing him. I tracked down a staff member while Brian had to patrol the spool. Asking if I could have the spool, he looked at me like I was insane. Boys. They just down know what's good. 
He got me a cart and even helped me put it in.
I smiled from ear to ear and got it in the car.
Isn't it so cool?
While I used it for a couple of weeks like that for our new side table at the cabin, my fingers were twitching to do something to it. 
I bought a 3/4" rope to wrap around and fixed it to the wood with our nail gun.
Doesn't it look so good already? 
On a rainy day up at the cabin, some leftover pallet wood laying around, I decided to cover the top with it.
I was cutting the pallets to size, drilled holes for the screws with our new round hole saw bit, put wood glue on it and let it dry.
I put some legs on the bottom to not scratch the floor.
After everything was dry, I turned it around and put wax onto the top.
And finally here is the new gem.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


I can't believe its been a year since we got married.
What an amazing time we had, family and friends from all over the world in town and one party after the other. We loved our wedding, the amazing venue and the beautiful weather.
We will never forget this day. 

For our first anniversary, I will be in Germany for work, such a bummer. 
We decided to celebrate a little early and went to Aruba for Labor day and spent four amazing days at the beach. 

We left Atlanta on Thursday morning after we both went to Chicago for three days for work. Different hotels, different areas and different airports. Very weird. A 4 hour flight in business class, how better to start a vacation.

The Holiday Inn that we stayed in (with points) was amazing. Three different pools, nice beachfront restaurants, amazing beach, turquoise water and right in the middle of all the buzz.

We laid at the pool, swam in the ocean and enjoyed the sunset every day.

Iguanas strolling around everywhere.

On Friday we had an amazing dinner at a restaurant right next to the Aruba Lighthouse overlooking the ocean.

Saturday morning, we got up very early and went on a Jeep tour.
It went all over the island, we sat in the first row and the wind was blowing like crazy. My hair was a mess. I was glad I had a bikini on since my shirt did not stay in place and I couldn't do anything about it.

The view was amazing

 We stopped at the Natural Pool, took snorkels and towels with us and made our way down.

Don't you love our pretty beach bag? :)

Getting ready for the cold water.

Drying off before its getting back on the Jeep.

Next stop was the Natural Bridge

 (The big bridge collapsed and only a small bridge is still there)

The small one is called "Son of a bridge"

Stacking stones for luck

Not only the lense of the camera got sprayed. We came out drenched.


and more off road we go


The island is just beautiful


another natural bridge where a surf contest happened

Huge cactus all over the place.

The oldest church

A cactus tree

The light house

Kite surfers. Do you see the color of the water? Isn't this amazing?

The California - ship wreck

After our tour was done, we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in the ocean and the pool.

We went to the best Ribs place in town for dinner and lost a couple dollars at gambling afterwards. Oh well, at least my flight and our hotel nights were free.

Our last sun set



Our last morning came and we walked on the beach, passed some surfer shops


Lonely boats

and stopped at the Aruba sign.

And of course..

Love you Schatz.. too many more!