Monday, March 31, 2014


Do you remember my ugly chair?
After transforming it to a nightstand I had pieces from the back leftover.
It just looked like the perfect frame to me, don't you think?
I sanded it down put some wood glue on it and clamped it over night.
It completely fell apart the next day and I had to redo the whole thing..

Playing Find Waldo on our floors..
I then painted the whole frame turquoise - my new favorite color

Then I used brown glaze over the dried paint and wiped it off.
This gives it the old look I so like.
I cut a piece of plywood for the back, used chalkboard paint and gave it a good cover.
After it was dry I used my nail gun and nailed the plywood to the frame.
I hot glued parts of the board with wine corks and used another piece of wood to separate the corks from the chalk board part.

And Voilà.. My new frame is done, out of scrap pieces.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

While I was offline..

While I was offline for several months I was still doing what I love to do. I crafted, wood worked and spent time with my hubby and our dogs.

Not that I need to proof myself but I wanted you to have a little insight of the things I created and not shared with you.
What I was working on most is crafts for our wedding and then moved on to create items I could finally sell. I opened my own little Etsy store.
My new store is called Schilderwald, which is German. I thought I bring a little bit of my German culture with me when I sell American language on wood! :)
I will expand my store with wedding crafts and new ideas as I go. So far there are only signs available for any kind of occasion. Wedding, Birthdays, Anniversary, Announcements. Also quotes, bible verses and of course I do anything custom. Check it out if you have some free time. I would love to create something for you too.
Not sure when I started with creating signs, but I think it started when I was looking for ideas for our wedding. Thanks to Pinterest I got so many ideas. I'm cheap. I didn't want to spend all this money buying finished goods, but use what I have or get for almost free and recreate it. For most of the signs I used my Silhouette machine. The below ones are from our wedding and my heart is so attached to those and that wonderful day we had SIX months ago.

 I made those 8x8 used looking signs for our engagement shot.
Then I started with some wedding signs for a couple of my friends.
and after those, came baby announcements - baby charts 
While working on my Etsy store it was very hard to put only customized signs up so I started creating quotes, sayings, bible verses, etc.
Wouldn't this one be perfect for our cabin?
I already sold it but can't wait to make another one of those for our living room.
 I also created a coffee table along the way - I have a problem sitting still.
We found this little guy abandoned on the side of the street and I picked it up and gave it some love.

Happy Sunday my friends.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ugly Chair Transformation

For the last year or so, we have two lovely chairs being part of our family.
Every other weekend Brian wants to drive around checking out yard sales, and every time he comes home empty handed while I bring home STUFF.
While I was on a business trip though several months ago, he called me so very excited and said he found the coolest chairs and without seeing them I told him to get them if he thinks he can do something with them.
I came home to this - 2 of them
Do you see the little wheels on the legs?
One chair still has two, the other one only has one and is wobbly.
So while those chairs were living with us for many moons, I finally started cleaning out our basement trying to get rid of things we definitely won't need anymore. Of course he hasn't touched them to redo them. He buys stuff to buy it, but then forgets about it. Or hopes that I get to it sooner than he will.
I carried those chairs outside and while I had them almost in the trashcan, I just couldn't make me throw them in.
Have you seen the beautiful wood carving?
SO I took them back inside, took off the fabric and all the disgusting layers of stinky sticky and just old batting.
This I thought is really cool. The old springs - 

The part of taking it all apart was just nasty and time consuming, taking out all the nails, screws and getting all the fabric, batting off the chair. I still had no idea what I'm going to do with it. When I saw it naked, it was still pretty ugly and to be honest, we really don't need any more chairs. What we need - for our new cabin - are night stands.
With that in mind I started chopping off the back of the chair and some part of the back legs since they weren't the same height anymore with the little wheels, cut and nailed several pallet wood panels onto the seat part, secured it with a middle board underneath and used lots of wood glue, stained it, sanded it, put wood filler on it, sanded some more, stained some more and fell in love with my new night stand.
What do you think? Isn't it cute?
I painted some black paint over the wood base and wiped it of a couple minutes later to give it a sharper look on the details.
I then used Danish oil for the top coat of the wood panels and I think it turned out beautifully.
Here is our new (old yard sale find) lamp we got last weekend for $3.00
and here it is with the new owl we got at the same yard sale for $1.00
The little guy looked like this
and Brian thought I'm out of my mind buying even TWO of them.
Don't you not think they are the most precious little owls? I'm so happy about that find and they will be just perfect in our cabin.
I spray painted them with a primer first and then added white glossy spray paint.
Look how shiny they came out.
I can't wait to make the second  chair / nightstand transformation - I only need to find another pallet or two first. - maybe next weekend. 
What was your last transformation? 

Monday, March 24, 2014

New Years Resolution

Hi Friends,

It's me! I know you might not even remember...
For New Years I made the resolution to find time to blog regularly again. One might think that this is not hard at all and a stupid resolution. Let me tell you. When I look at my last post from JUNE.. I think this is just crazy. Life gets so busy at times that it is almost unthinkable to have just a couple of minutes left in the day to do something out of your schedule.
Now that it is almost April, I think I'm going to start with my resolution and at least keep you in on all the cool new things I have planned.

No need to show you all the old saved drafts of our wedding décor/signs etc. Maybe I do a one year anniversary post in 5 months to remember this once in a lifetime event, the crazy and fun times beforehand, the amazing honeymoon in Thailand afterwards and the now blissful marriage! :)

With all this said, we have a lot of work coming up - we bought a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA and are going to close in the next couple of weeks.
The cabin is very cute, has 3 bedrooms and a downstairs area with 2 bunk beds. A total of 10 people could stay there at ones. Unfortunately besides the two bunk beds, it is coming unfurnished. My mind is racing, I already created a mood board to get all the ideas in my head organized.
All the fun projects that come with it. My fingers are twitching as I type this. I did already build some items which I'm going to share with you in the next couple of weeks.

To make the wait worthwhile I'm showing you a picture of the outside of our soon to be mountain retreat.

Email me if you are interested in renting it! :)  I'm so excited to tackle all the little projects, spending quality time with the hubby and our doggies and hopefully make some rental income along the way.
Until next time - very soon.