Monday, March 31, 2014


Do you remember my ugly chair?
After transforming it to a nightstand I had pieces from the back leftover.
It just looked like the perfect frame to me, don't you think?
I sanded it down put some wood glue on it and clamped it over night.
It completely fell apart the next day and I had to redo the whole thing..

Playing Find Waldo on our floors..
I then painted the whole frame turquoise - my new favorite color

Then I used brown glaze over the dried paint and wiped it off.
This gives it the old look I so like.
I cut a piece of plywood for the back, used chalkboard paint and gave it a good cover.
After it was dry I used my nail gun and nailed the plywood to the frame.
I hot glued parts of the board with wine corks and used another piece of wood to separate the corks from the chalk board part.

And Voilà.. My new frame is done, out of scrap pieces.


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Heather said...

That worked out perfectly! Great job