Sunday, March 30, 2014

While I was offline..

While I was offline for several months I was still doing what I love to do. I crafted, wood worked and spent time with my hubby and our dogs.

Not that I need to proof myself but I wanted you to have a little insight of the things I created and not shared with you.
What I was working on most is crafts for our wedding and then moved on to create items I could finally sell. I opened my own little Etsy store.
My new store is called Schilderwald, which is German. I thought I bring a little bit of my German culture with me when I sell American language on wood! :)
I will expand my store with wedding crafts and new ideas as I go. So far there are only signs available for any kind of occasion. Wedding, Birthdays, Anniversary, Announcements. Also quotes, bible verses and of course I do anything custom. Check it out if you have some free time. I would love to create something for you too.
Not sure when I started with creating signs, but I think it started when I was looking for ideas for our wedding. Thanks to Pinterest I got so many ideas. I'm cheap. I didn't want to spend all this money buying finished goods, but use what I have or get for almost free and recreate it. For most of the signs I used my Silhouette machine. The below ones are from our wedding and my heart is so attached to those and that wonderful day we had SIX months ago.

 I made those 8x8 used looking signs for our engagement shot.
Then I started with some wedding signs for a couple of my friends.
and after those, came baby announcements - baby charts 
While working on my Etsy store it was very hard to put only customized signs up so I started creating quotes, sayings, bible verses, etc.
Wouldn't this one be perfect for our cabin?
I already sold it but can't wait to make another one of those for our living room.
 I also created a coffee table along the way - I have a problem sitting still.
We found this little guy abandoned on the side of the street and I picked it up and gave it some love.

Happy Sunday my friends.

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