Saturday, June 22, 2013

Key West

          Have you ever been to Key West? Especially to Duval Street?

Thats where my dear friend Amanda met her now fiance Chet about 2 years ago.
They ran into eachother one night while he was on a bachelor party and the rest is history. Last October they got engaged and in almost 30 days they will get married in the Keys.

Today we went to their couples shower with their beautiful turquois colored scheme. Everything looked and tasted wonderfully.
Even the M&M's had the matching color.

Besides the gift, I decided on creating a special card for them. I cut a 12x24 ply wood board, painted, distressed and painted some more. Our wishes for them are on the back of the board for them to always remember their special time in life.

Distressed sides and worn out look


Love you girl and am so blessed to spend this special time with you.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's never enough

It is never enough to just have one.
With two dogs in our house, life never gets boring. I'm so happy though that we decided on having both of them. Now that Toby calmed down just a little bit, we are able to leave him out of his crate during the day while we are at work.
If they wake up from their naps during the day, now they can play together, run in the house and destroy the remaining pillows. 

During lunch we take them for their walks and mostl importantly check if the house still stands.

Coming home to two love bugs sitting at the top of the stairs, right at the door, tail wagging, waiting with unconditional love, makes my day, every day! No matter how bad the day was, it brings the biggest smile to my face.
Steele always turns over on his back and waits until you scratch his belly. Toby on the other hand is a little whirlwind, jumps right up on you, trying to cover up his fight he had with the one last remaining pillow. He most likely, gets a time out in his crate while I clean up the left over stuffing from the pillow, I didn't even remember we had still laying around.
For the most part though they are just the bestest dogs in the whole wide world and I wouldn't trade them for anything. There was this diamond ring...
Remember this post when I created a dinner table for Toby? I finally finished the second one, because its never enough to just have one and stop there. You have two puppies, you have to have two dinner trays. Now both can eat in style. I had to shorten the legs a couple of inches, so that Steele can comfortably eat/drink out of it. 
I really like how they came out, now if they wouldnt have slobber all over them... but what can you do.


Monday, June 3, 2013

From Trash to Treasure

Long weekends are used by "normal" people to relax or go on a short vacation. For me, it is to tackle a project. My fingertips are itching and I'm getting restless if I don't have a project in line.

For several weeks there was a table sitting in our garage waiting for an idea to update it.

The top was completely destroyed

I found it with this little guy. Remember when I updated the mirror?

I stumbled about a blogpost about a herringbone patterend table redo and new instantly that this is exactly what I need to do with it.

I went to my favorite home improvement store and picked up small paint sticks. The lady in the paint department said that I can only have 10. I asked if I could have more, if I pay her. She got a  bit bitchy and I left with 10, driving to the next store and grabbed about 20. Then had Brian go back and pick up 10 more. I started with 35 small paint sticks. I cut them in half and laid'em out on the old table top.  

I measured the table top and cut a new plywood piece to fit, painted it black and screwed it into the table. Attaching the wood pieces one by one with wood glue. measuring along the way.
I had to go back to the store and get about 20 more sticks to finish the table. Since the pieces didn't match up perfectly, I took wood putty and filled in the spaces. Let it dry and sanded it down. I used sun bleach stain and stained the complete top.



When the top was done I sanded the complete bottom part of the table, painted the legs white and took the bottom apart. The sides were painted white the top was sun bleached as well.


After it was all dry I used Minwax Finishing Wax and wiped it over the stain, let it dry overnight, put wood putty on the sides to finish up the table top and painted it wight.

And a long weekend project came to an end.

What do you think?




It now has its new home on top of our stairs in the hallway right outside the master bedroom. This empty space in the corner was just waiting for this cute table.


Friday, May 31, 2013

Here comes the Bride

So happy for my friend Heather and her new Hubby Matt. It was such a wonderful wedding, with so much work put in.
AND she really used my sign! :)
Look, the little girl carried it down the aisle!! Then the vows, and the Kiss and the holding hands.. so romantic!
This year is the year of the weddings, three of my girl friends are getting married in the next couple months. For one of them for her bridal shower I made a "Here comes the Bride" sign in her blue and yellow wedding colors.
I cut a piece of ply wood 24x14, sanded it down
applied two coats of yellow paint and let it dry.

With my Silhouette I cut out the words and stuck them on transfer paper. Laying it out on the board until I found the perfect position.

Then attached them to the board

I painted to coats of blue paint over it and let it dry for a couple minutes.

With the little Silhouette hook I took the letters off the board

and tada, it is done and the beautiful bride can now walk down the aisle! :)


Thursday, May 30, 2013


May is one of the biggest wedding month in history.
No question that we as well attended two.
With only 106 days left for ours, I'm in wedding mode. I love to paint signs, but mine are all done. I can't have any more or it would look like a SCHILDERWALD which is the german word for "You can not see the forest for the trees." 
Not sure if there is a one word translation for that one.
ANYWAYS.. When my colleague and friend Carrie got married, almost two weeks ago, I had the perfect excuse to paint another one of my beloved signs.
Congrats Carrie and Chris!!
We are very happy for you and wish you all the Best!
(They are laying on a beach in Bali right now enjoying their honeymoon)
I'm not jealous at all.. 120 days and I will be enjoying my first vacation of the year - our honeymoon!
So when they come home and unpack their dirty luggage and their quadrillion wedding presents, they will also find this one.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Doggie Dinner Table

 In our household the dogs come first, before me or Brian or plans for the weekend/nights. They are very spoiled.
So it is no different for their dinner time, the dogs come first and should eat in style.
When I saw a dog dinner table at Brians colleagues house I had to take a picture

and create them myself. Off to my favorite Home Improvement Store for supplies.

I bought 4x 14" legs, everything else we had at home.
Measuring wood, cutting, and screwing all pieces together

applying wood conditioner, black stain - 1st coat,

2nd and 3rd coat,
attaching the legs with screws and wood glue and staining some more,
applying 2 coats of glossy polyurethan to seal it all.

Let it all dry over night and hot glueing a fork and spoon to the sides.
I hammered the fork down so that it wont poke in their eyes.

And finally Toby got a new dinner table in the perfect height for him.
 I just have to do it all over again so that Steele gets one too, a little less in height. He can barely reach this one! :)
This might be the project for this weekend.. let's see what else I can come up with.

Friday, May 10, 2013

So Close

We were so close to receiving Brians wedding band this week.
Last Saturday we finally picked out a ring for him, but because they didn't have it in the right size they needed to ship it to us.
All week I was expecting the UPS truck to stop at our house and finally yesterday I saw it parked in front ouf our house, the guy already at the door while I was still in the car. I'm quickly getting home, parking in the garage, wondering what Toby and Steele are up to. 
I already hear both of them running back and forth, barking and going wild, seeing their favorite person, the UPS man, in the window of our front door.  
Of course the minute I get to the door the guy has already left. Opening the door, I see him, and wanted to get a hold of him. Unfortunately he got in his truck and drove away, but didn't close the baby gate on our front porch. SO Toby sprints out, there is no way I can reach him and he just runs across the street. Cars honking, slamming on their brakes and he runs back, right across the street again. I'm screaming, waving my hands. Cars are all to a full stop, but Toby keeps running up the street into the woods. I'm close to tears, not sure what I'm going to do.
We live on a pretty busy street during rush hour and cars are everywhere. I see him in the woods, call him, he comes running towards me, but before I get a hold of him he again runs on the street and back into the woods.
I'm running up and down the sidewalk like a crazy person, maxi dress in hand, yelling for Toby and about 20 minutes later see him. He comes running towards me, I see cars coming, and just hold up one hand to stop the cars and one hand to get a grip on Toby.. and finally got him.
SO CLOSE for him being hit by a car. Thankful that Jesus watched out for us.
Nasty Toby Tobes had a trillion green sticky balls in his fur, muddy legs and was completely wet from playing in that little stream.
How do you teach a dog to look left and right before crossing a street?
So while I was upset with him, myself and the UPS guy, I went into my craft room and crafted my mood away.
Drop Cloth Curtains it is. I needed a new look on our front door anyways.
Its Spring and that dark red color was just not right anymore.

Have you ever used drop cloth for anything besides a drop cloth?
It didn't even ocur to me until one day I searched for light beige/grey cotton fabric and couldn't believe how much a yard was and googled cheap cotton fabric and drop cloth came up. On my next shopping trip to my favorite Home Improvement store, I picked up a 4'x15' drop cloth for $20.00. Washed it, cut it in half, sewed a little bit left and right, made a loop for the curtain rod and in a couple hours was done and my mood better.  
Here is the final result.
Here the comparison
after before

 Now we have a fresh look, just in time for the rain this weekend nice weather and need to track down the UPS delivery.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Request for Response

While I ordered all of our invitations, RSVP cards, Thank You Cards online, I didnt think about a version for my German guests.

When running out of the RSVP cards I decided I turn leftover invitations into those and not order any more cards online.  

Who doesn't like repurposing something, saving money and trees.

I cut off the part with the text with an exacto knife.

Printed the RSVP text in German onto a piece of paper and cut it to size
The tree is on the front of the card, the back is plain purple and perfect for the little note.
TADA, an easy project and some relaxation for me.