Friday, May 31, 2013

Here comes the Bride

So happy for my friend Heather and her new Hubby Matt. It was such a wonderful wedding, with so much work put in.
AND she really used my sign! :)
Look, the little girl carried it down the aisle!! Then the vows, and the Kiss and the holding hands.. so romantic!
This year is the year of the weddings, three of my girl friends are getting married in the next couple months. For one of them for her bridal shower I made a "Here comes the Bride" sign in her blue and yellow wedding colors.
I cut a piece of ply wood 24x14, sanded it down
applied two coats of yellow paint and let it dry.

With my Silhouette I cut out the words and stuck them on transfer paper. Laying it out on the board until I found the perfect position.

Then attached them to the board

I painted to coats of blue paint over it and let it dry for a couple minutes.

With the little Silhouette hook I took the letters off the board

and tada, it is done and the beautiful bride can now walk down the aisle! :)


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Heather said...

And I'm madly in love with it! I can't wait to use it

Thank you thank you thank you