Saturday, May 11, 2013

Doggie Dinner Table

 In our household the dogs come first, before me or Brian or plans for the weekend/nights. They are very spoiled.
So it is no different for their dinner time, the dogs come first and should eat in style.
When I saw a dog dinner table at Brians colleagues house I had to take a picture

and create them myself. Off to my favorite Home Improvement Store for supplies.

I bought 4x 14" legs, everything else we had at home.
Measuring wood, cutting, and screwing all pieces together

applying wood conditioner, black stain - 1st coat,

2nd and 3rd coat,
attaching the legs with screws and wood glue and staining some more,
applying 2 coats of glossy polyurethan to seal it all.

Let it all dry over night and hot glueing a fork and spoon to the sides.
I hammered the fork down so that it wont poke in their eyes.

And finally Toby got a new dinner table in the perfect height for him.
 I just have to do it all over again so that Steele gets one too, a little less in height. He can barely reach this one! :)
This might be the project for this weekend.. let's see what else I can come up with.

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