Thursday, May 30, 2013


May is one of the biggest wedding month in history.
No question that we as well attended two.
With only 106 days left for ours, I'm in wedding mode. I love to paint signs, but mine are all done. I can't have any more or it would look like a SCHILDERWALD which is the german word for "You can not see the forest for the trees." 
Not sure if there is a one word translation for that one.
ANYWAYS.. When my colleague and friend Carrie got married, almost two weeks ago, I had the perfect excuse to paint another one of my beloved signs.
Congrats Carrie and Chris!!
We are very happy for you and wish you all the Best!
(They are laying on a beach in Bali right now enjoying their honeymoon)
I'm not jealous at all.. 120 days and I will be enjoying my first vacation of the year - our honeymoon!
So when they come home and unpack their dirty luggage and their quadrillion wedding presents, they will also find this one.


Heather said...

Omg I love this one! You should really start selling your signs. You do a great job

Katrin Allendörfer said...

so toll, ich muss auch schnell heiraten, dann krieg ich vielleicht auch so n tolles Schild! :-)))