Friday, May 10, 2013

So Close

We were so close to receiving Brians wedding band this week.
Last Saturday we finally picked out a ring for him, but because they didn't have it in the right size they needed to ship it to us.
All week I was expecting the UPS truck to stop at our house and finally yesterday I saw it parked in front ouf our house, the guy already at the door while I was still in the car. I'm quickly getting home, parking in the garage, wondering what Toby and Steele are up to. 
I already hear both of them running back and forth, barking and going wild, seeing their favorite person, the UPS man, in the window of our front door.  
Of course the minute I get to the door the guy has already left. Opening the door, I see him, and wanted to get a hold of him. Unfortunately he got in his truck and drove away, but didn't close the baby gate on our front porch. SO Toby sprints out, there is no way I can reach him and he just runs across the street. Cars honking, slamming on their brakes and he runs back, right across the street again. I'm screaming, waving my hands. Cars are all to a full stop, but Toby keeps running up the street into the woods. I'm close to tears, not sure what I'm going to do.
We live on a pretty busy street during rush hour and cars are everywhere. I see him in the woods, call him, he comes running towards me, but before I get a hold of him he again runs on the street and back into the woods.
I'm running up and down the sidewalk like a crazy person, maxi dress in hand, yelling for Toby and about 20 minutes later see him. He comes running towards me, I see cars coming, and just hold up one hand to stop the cars and one hand to get a grip on Toby.. and finally got him.
SO CLOSE for him being hit by a car. Thankful that Jesus watched out for us.
Nasty Toby Tobes had a trillion green sticky balls in his fur, muddy legs and was completely wet from playing in that little stream.
How do you teach a dog to look left and right before crossing a street?
So while I was upset with him, myself and the UPS guy, I went into my craft room and crafted my mood away.
Drop Cloth Curtains it is. I needed a new look on our front door anyways.
Its Spring and that dark red color was just not right anymore.

Have you ever used drop cloth for anything besides a drop cloth?
It didn't even ocur to me until one day I searched for light beige/grey cotton fabric and couldn't believe how much a yard was and googled cheap cotton fabric and drop cloth came up. On my next shopping trip to my favorite Home Improvement store, I picked up a 4'x15' drop cloth for $20.00. Washed it, cut it in half, sewed a little bit left and right, made a loop for the curtain rod and in a couple hours was done and my mood better.  
Here is the final result.
Here the comparison
after before

 Now we have a fresh look, just in time for the rain this weekend nice weather and need to track down the UPS delivery.

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