Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Engagement Shoot

  Our wedding is 130 days away!
It seems like a very long time to go, but it really isn't.
One thing we got taken care of - our engagement shots.
It was so much fun, 4 hours on the farm of our photographer with chickens, horses, cats, dogs..
When we had the date set, I started thinking about what kind of pictures I would like to have.
I started painting some props and went through decorations/games in our house.
We had 2 photographers, 3 cameras and in 4 hours they took 3,600 pictures!
Narrowed down to 1,600 and I was then in charge of picking my favorite 50.
I selected 300! :)
Here is a collection of just a few of them.
We started in the studio inside.

Changed outfits
Then went outside to find Toby and Steele digging huge holes.
(Don't listen to her, we didn't do it!)
 I got the chalkboard from Good Will months ago and wrote a little saying on it.
Brian & Carina
Sitting in a Tree
First comes love
Then comes Marriage
Then comes... 
Getting up on that tree was harder than it seems and staying up there even harder. That was some leg workout. We both were sore the next day! :)

We have the white wooden Love letters at home, the chalkboard I got years ago in Germany. It has the right size for our wedding date and was already part of our Save the Date card.

Of course our two boys had to be in some pictures too.
It was harder than I thought it would be to have them pose in the pictures.
(I should have remembered from our Save the Date shot
When I painted the sign "Our Parents are getting Married" I pictured them sitting next to each other with the sign leaning on them. That didn't work out at all. So we had to pose with them and hold up the sign. Now it kind of looks like that our Parents are getting married. WEIRD

I stole her Heart, So I'm stealing his Last Name, two more signs I painted.
Scrabble tiles - Always and Forever
On the chalkboard
I'm going to be a Whitaker


and of course there were some "serious" ones! :)

I was really worried beforehand, because I'm not that model kind of girl, posing is not in my nature. We really had a blast though. Thanks to our photographers Matt and Robb who are totally down to earth guys and took away that awkwardness in the first minute.
Now we have to figure out what to do with all the pictures. I'm thinking photobook and print outs for the wedding (and our living room)

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Mussipitz said...

Wunderschöne Bilder...

meine Favoriten sind die zwei hier

Wünsche Euch alles Gute für die Zunkunft...

Herzliche Grüsse aus Good old Germany