Monday, November 26, 2012

Chalkboard Update

Yesterday at the Good Will...

Always looking for projects, I went to our local Good Will store.
Looking for anything wedding and found this little guy.

A little chalkboard, dirty as can be, but for $1.91 not to beat.

I also found 5 mason jars for $0.90 each.

When I got home I tried to clean it up, but nothing came off.
I painted both sides three times with chalkboard paint, letting it dry in between.

The paint on the dry erase side didnt stick and came off right when I took off the painters tape.
When taking the dry paint off though, underneath came out totally clean. :)

After the inside of the boards were clean I painted the white outside parts with a fresh coat and for just $1.91 and couple hours of work it was totally worth it.

I "seasoned" the chalk side with chalk

wiped both sides clean

I can see this in use for our upcoming wedding next year. It could be a cute little "save the date" sign.


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