Monday, February 18, 2013

Save the date

Our first fun project were the Save the Date cards. 

I wanted it to be personal. 

We love to play Scrabble, so this was a good way to show off my ring! :)

Of course our doggies had to be in the picture too.
This was the hardest part, having them sit still, look at the camera at the right time.. It took couple hours for one perfect shot.
When we bought our swing in 2011 the sales person said that we will have many memorable moments on that swing. Let's start as an engaged couple and go from there.

We took several pictures, but the where way too dark. Damnit.


and sometimes even treats didn't work

Cover up

Look at the camera

Getting bored

Lets do it without the dogs

And here is the final Save the Date card.

1 comment:

Heather said...

I love the outtakes!! Hahah I love the one where you had to pick up the dog and I really love the one of you two with your legs stretched!

Your save the date is sitting on my fridge!