Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Location, Location, Location

Who knew I will write my first wedding post this year!? :)

I'm very exited and so happy that I'm finally able to officially look at all the Pinterest pictures, wedding posts out there related to weddings.
On Thanksgiving I got engaged to the love of my life. After 3 1/2 years of an amazing time together, we are finally planning our wedding.

We talked a little bit about how and where we wanted to get married beforehand, still in mind that I'm from Germany, Brian from the US and we both never thought about getting married in a different country than the one we grew up in. Brian has such a big family over here and doesn't speak any german, that I needed to start to picture myself getting married in the US.

The weekend after we got engaged we drove up to Brasstown in North Georgia to look at Brasstown Valley Resort. http://www.brasstownvalley.com/wedding-venues/ 

It was an amzing spot for the ceremony overlooking the valley and you can get married with the sun setting in front of you. It was beautiful, an amazing location. 

For the reception they have an outdoor "Sunset" pavilion.


I loved it, not so much the catering minimum price tag of $15,000. Since we want to have a wedding in the US and maybe an additional reception in Germany, our budget is unfortunately limited.

Couple weekends later we made appointments with Magic Moments to see three of the four locations they manage. 

Little Gardens

The Atrium


I really liked all of them and could somewhat picture us getting married at any of them. They had a rustic very romantic feel, the price was a bit on the higher end, but the thing which through me off the most was that you can't bring your own decorations. Everything has to be ordered through MM. Don't get me wrong, for most people that might be exactly the right thing to do, but for me, who LOVES DIY projects and wants to customize about everything, it just didn't work.

I'm not the center of attention kind of girl, can't speak in public and get nervous if people watch me. A wedding seems like exactly what I need to get over all of that!

I never wanted a fancy ball room wedding. I grew up in the country with cows almost in the backyard and started dreaming of a barn wedding.

After talking to my american mom Bj she told me that she has relatives in Jefferson GA, just north of Atlanta. We took a girls trip up there and visited her family. I loved every minute of it. It was so much fun to see the barns, and the black cows with little calves.

The first barn was very charming

It needed some work but was do-able to create a nice rustic wedding. Not sure about the ceremony spot though. The decision to look for another place was after we heard about the no-alcohol policy attached to it. It had to be taken off the list.

The second barn was amazing. It was huge, with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom right behind it, a pond and lots of land surrounding it.

Look at this old barn right next to it. This would be an amazing picture spot.

 Only bad thing was that hotels are about 25miles away and driving drunk is just not an option. Very frustrated we drove home.

That night I looked through all my emails from venues and stumbled again over the one from Vinewood in Newnan. It was out of our price range, but since there is nothing to loose I emailed them. 20minutes later I received a reply, at about midnight Jamie told me to just come by the next day.
That's customer service!

I packed up Brian and Bj and we headed to Newnan, which is 50 minutes Southwest of Atlanta. Instantly I fell in love. We decided on a Friday wedding to save on the costs. The next day I signed the contract for Vinewood for Friday, September 13, 2013. We love the date, love the location and can't wait to bring in our own alcohol, choose from tons of preferred vendors and customize with chandeliers, candles, old window frames, chalk boards... I'm SO very excited to have our wedding in an amazing beautiful old rustic barn on a very special date.

The Main house which is in the contract for 4 1/2 hours before the ceremony for pictures, bridal luncheon, make up...


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