Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy First Anniversary Toby

Steele welcomed his little brother.
When we got Toby he was 13 weeks old, 16lbs and just recovered from Parvo. He was underweight, tiny as can be and the sweetest little boy.
He couldnt even walk the stairs by himself yet.


Growing and gaining weight. and so cute! :)
First time at the dog park.

Loving life, shoes and dead animals

still sleeping with his favorite toy

or in his favorite position next to the pillow and his brother

Being alone in our closet and leaving clothes unattended  - not a good idea

becoming a very handsome looking boy

and still sleeping under our bed.

 first experience with water

getting big

and still loving to bring home dead animals when running off into the woods

Toby graduated from doggie training
If he could just be good at home...

destroying all the window sills in our house

showing mommy who the boss is

and taking family pictures

First beach vacation. So much fun seeing Toby jumping into the water and playing in the sand.

After Toby got bitten by a snake or spider, he had to spend 4 days in the ER and 2 weeks at the Vet.
Tons of suger bandages, meds and quiet time he was able to hold on to his leg and was back to normal in a month.

Having a blast with all the leaves outside.

Merry Christmas


 Toby, had a cut on his leg. He was supposed to wear a cone, but that didnt last too long.
Loving the mud outside at the dog park
and the new couch cushions inside
besides the other things he destroyed over the first year, we still love you Toby Tobs. 




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