Monday, February 25, 2013

Mirror mirror on the wall

Couple mornings ago, while walking our two doggies we saw this cool mirrow on the side of the street.
Our neighbors are trying to sell their house and had some furniture outside.

When we came back I quickly grabbed the mirrow and took it home. I wanted to make sure nobody else has the chance to see it. It was seven in the morning and luckily no one else was out yet.

The mirrow was from Pier One still had the price of $150.00 on the back.

Very happy with my find I stuck blue painters tape on the wicker part of it and newspaper on the mirror itself. Patching the little broken side of it with wood filler.


Then I took of the hooks and sanded the frame of the mirror.


After it was all sanded down, I took a spray can of white primer and did two coats, let it dry then sprayed two more coats of white satin paint on.

Oh I'm so happy how it turned out.

Screwing the hooks back on

and hanging it on the wall.
It matches the white and wood from the stairs and is just perfect.

Finally we have a place to hang our keys and maybe dog leashes.

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