Saturday, June 22, 2013

Key West

          Have you ever been to Key West? Especially to Duval Street?

Thats where my dear friend Amanda met her now fiance Chet about 2 years ago.
They ran into eachother one night while he was on a bachelor party and the rest is history. Last October they got engaged and in almost 30 days they will get married in the Keys.

Today we went to their couples shower with their beautiful turquois colored scheme. Everything looked and tasted wonderfully.
Even the M&M's had the matching color.

Besides the gift, I decided on creating a special card for them. I cut a 12x24 ply wood board, painted, distressed and painted some more. Our wishes for them are on the back of the board for them to always remember their special time in life.

Distressed sides and worn out look


Love you girl and am so blessed to spend this special time with you.

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