Saturday, December 13, 2014

Shutter ideas

When we bought our cabin, the crawl space was jam packed with junk from the previous owners.
We left it untouched for 6 months not sure what to do with all of this.
When it got colder, the heat didn't stay in the house and the downstairs smelled musty. We decided to spend the money and have our crawl space insulated.
The company came out and hauled all of the things outside. We decided what to keep, everything else they took and recycled. I loved it. There were tons of cool tiles, paint, and a huge shutter/door panel.
It stank like crazy and took almost 6 hours, but after it was done, the heat now stays in the house and the musty smell is completely gone.
It was worth every penny.

It really is huge. I decided to cut it in half, not knowing what to do with an almost 10' door.

Paint stripper came in handy, I covered the complete thing with it and waited for 30 minutes.
 Most of the white nasty paint came easily off, revealing a kind of cool green paint which didn't come off.

 I love paint stripper, you so easily get the paint off with a spatula, I don't know why I ever sanded.
After seeing the green paint, I decided I'm going to leave it as is and only attached four double hooks for towels, coats, etc.
You can still see some white paint on it. It makes it more rustic and I think it turned out really nice.

It matches the color of the d├ęcor of our bedroom at the cabin, and now guests can easily hang up their coats.


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Heather said...

Paint stripper is the greatest! Especially when you are stripping off latex paint.