Friday, May 4, 2012

Bad boys bad boys, watcha gonna do...

I just noticed that I haven't send this post out like I meant to a week ago! Can you tell that I'm going nuts? These past two weeks wore me out. With my tradeshow going on, Toby being sick, Brian out of town for 8 days... I'm not on top of everything anymore.

Now before the weekend starts I will post this and send it off to you guys, and try to get some rest this weekend, when Brian is at a bachelor party and takes Steele with him. I'm home alone with the puppy.. we will have mommy and me time and hopefully relax a little bit. And then I'm hopefully up and running with new exciting stuff next week! :)

Doggie update:

Toby stealing a hanger out of the closet

before eating my house slippers

Picking up empty bottles of the street

And when nobody is watching, playing with the paper towel roll.

Having fun in the yard

We bought outside stacks to take them with us, when working in the yard

Not such a good idea we found out.. Toby pulled out dead rats underneath the front porch! yummy

And after all this excitement there is time to rest

and then walk

and find more trash treasures

Brian spilling parmesan all over Toby

Toby's first time at the dog park with other dogs around!!

and a very handsome Steele

cuddling with Mommy

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!
Happy Cinco de Mayo

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