Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm one of those moms

One of those, who can't keep the camera down and needs to take pictures of her puppies every minute of their life and share it with the world.

Toby is always so excited to find a "good" stick that we need to take a break from our walks.


There are only so many yards in the neighborhood, where the grass is really soft. Toby can tell you exactly which ones those are. He is rolling around or stops for a quick break each time we pass them.

He got the addiction for shoes from his mommy...


and has the weirdest sleeping positions (from his dad, I assume! :) )

 Sucking on wet dish towels if nothing else is around to chew on.

They love peanut butter and bones with any kind of filling

Sometimes even my hand for a different flavor :)

Toby is teething right now, losing teeth left and right.
So far I found two

Steele spending some time with Brian on the deck, sharing a chair

and taking a nap



Trying to keep Toby happy in his crate by giving him more space 

But its just not what he was looking for. So last week I decided on not crating Toby anymore and to give him a little more space to roam. I closed off the bathroom with a babygate, closed the closet door and thought he will be good to go. Plan not made with that little energetic bundle. First day, he locked himself in the closet by pushing open the door. The door closed and Toby was in the pitch black closet for couple hours playing with the hamper, bath mat and my gym clothes. He was so relieved when I finally came home and opened the door.

Repeat for day two!

Day three, the closet door finally stayed close, but this time he ran through the babygate having the time of his life in our bedroom (heating pad and cord destroyed, camera strap and plastic piece broken, his bed all over the floor, cell phone charger cord in pieces...)

We now have a very clean bed- and bathroom, so he might not be able to find anything besides the toys dedicated to him, to play with. Lets see how week two of not being crated goes.
(the babygate was taken down, after he decided to just jump over it)

Hanging out on the stairs

Steele coming home (very stinky) from a bachelor party weekend with daddy.
After his bath Brian dried him off with my hair dryer

 and off we go with some more play time,

Every time Toby and Steele play and it gets to rough, Toby hides under the bed (not sure how much longer he is getting away with that. Its getting really tight.) He also does that when having something in his mouth he is not supposed to have.

Already having a hard time crawling out

And then there is the time when they are just good, listen to you and are the cutest dogs in the whole wide world


 Happy Hump Day!

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