Friday, May 25, 2012

Front Porch upgrade

It was time again to take the sewing machine out of the closet, order some fabric online and create some new pillows. Since Toby destroyed all of his three beds by biting through the fabric and ripping the batting in tiny little pieces,

 I decided to save what is left and create a seat for the rocking chair instead of fixing his beds. He is now bed-less and hopefully learns something. LOL

I already had some other turquois/creme pillows with a different pattern to join the new seat cushion. It looks so comfy to spend some time in and watch people go by.

Since there is always left over fabric, I sewed another pillow for the swing on the opposite site of our porch. I made the seat cushion last year when we first bought the swing.  

Done, done and done - the front porch is now ready for gorgeous summer nights spend outside.

1 comment:

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

Dogs....will they ever learn?
Glad you could have some nice cushions. 8~)