Thursday, May 10, 2012

You have mail

Have you lately bought any kind of greeting cards? I have the impression that they get more and more expensive. I found plain cards and envelopes on sale couple months ago and decided that from now on I will just create my own. Easier planned then done. With a crazy work schedule and doggies at home which want your full attention when home, there is just nothing like free time anymore. I feel like training for a marathon or something. I get so much walking done as I've never had in my life.

Our friends Michelle and Justin just got married in Costa Rica and have a backyard wedding celebration this coming weekend. I decided on finally put my butt down and create a card last night. From the online Silhouette store i purchased a wedding dress card design for .99$ printed it on a 8x8 sheet of white linen-ish paper. Since it was double sided it has this volumn effect. 

Next I cut brown ribbon and hot glued it in half

I hotglued the ribbon around the dress and the dress onto the card.  
I found a rub-on booklet and with a pen rubbed the "for the bride and groom" onto the card.

and since I was already sitting I created couple more cards. I noticed that I'm already way too late for Mothers/Fathersday. Mail to Germany takes about 10 days! I'm way behind schedule. That never happened before. Those darn dogs. :)
And since my trade show took all of my free time when my best friend in Germany had her birthday, that card is still sitting there waiting to get mailed. Sorry Katrin, I promise I will send it off one of these days!
I'm the worst friend e-v-e-r.

Ready to be stuffed in an envelope and send off... oh.. some words inside would be good too, wouldn't it?

Until next time!

That crazy german girl...

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