Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dog Beds

Now that we have 2 little dogs at home, we were in need of some dog beds. Have you ever bought a dog bed? They are expensive. I wanted to have two in our bedroom, two downstairs in the living room and I already bought one pillow for the living room, as well as one bed for each crate. After checking out all those prices I decided on buying foam instead of finished beds and used some leftover waterproof fabric for the covers. Way cheaper with some coupons. 
I got a mattress foam from JoAnns for 40% off, as well as a 2 yard 3" thick 
foam. I cut them in half to have two similar sized mattresses.  

Left over fabric from my recoverd wing chair for one bed and the other fabric from the swing cushion (which I now notice, haven't even posted)

I wrapped the fabric around the foam, pinned and then sewed three sides together.



For the fourth side (long side) I used velcro tape and sewed it on to become easily removable. 

Now Toby and Steele have a nice place to lay on during the evening (before Toby has to be crated) Just a couple more weeks and hopefully he is house broken and can stay out of his crate most of the time. Fingers are crossed!!

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