Monday, March 26, 2012

Fabric Covered Pinboard

Couple weeks ago I found a pinboard at Blockbuster for sale for $10.
I always wanted to create a mood board for my craft room and just picked it up and took it home. There is was sitting and waiting for me to work on it for several weeks.

And finally I came up with an idea since it is way to boring to put it up like that.
I took out my boxes of fabric swatches and sewed beige colored squares together.

I then layed it on top of the pin board to see if it fits

and sprayed adhesive on the board

When everything was dry I hammered some decorative silver pins on the sides

folded the leftover fabric to the backside, and glued it on.

Now there is space for all my planned projects, my Blog Calendar to keep up with postings and some more

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