Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How many chairs can one have?

I love chairs and even more those which are cheap and need some work.
In the last 12 months I brought home so many new additions of them that we almost need a bigger house! :)

There were three we got from Blockbuster couple months ago and since then they were just stored in our basement. One of them was done right away and its new home is now my craftroom. You can read about this one here. The other two took a little longer, but eventually I got back to work. When I saw them I knew there was potential in turning them into real nice dining room end chairs and am now so happy we bought them for 15$.

I got the sander out and started to get all the old paint off.
It took forever!

Sanding, sanding

and more sanding, even with a dremel to get the edges clear.

Finally done, what a difference. (but there is still one to go!)

I put a primer on

Two Bombai Mahagoni stain coats later, with 5 hours of drying time each, and a clear semi satin coat to make it a little more shiny.

I ordered Suede fabric with cream and grey stripes and upholstered the cushion. Upholstered might be a too fancy way to take staples off the cushion, cut new fabric and with a staple gun put the new fabric in place.

I love our new dining room chair(s)

Better After, what do you think?

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Heather said...

Great job! You should really try a spray stripper to remove paint. You will still have to sand, but nothing like you would when you are sand stripping. They are about $6 a can at Depot and work magic