Thursday, June 14, 2012

Are we done yet?

The past Saturday was another day of yard work - lots of it. If you remember, couple weeks ago we planted
36 ligustrum shrubs in our yard. This Saturday we planted another 20 - and we are still not done. I just ordered 35 more. I can't believe we are actually doing this.

This time we planted on the outside of our detention pond fence, next to the street. We hope that the shrubs will grow fast so that you can't see the ugly fence anymore and we have some privacy.

After digging two holes with a shovel and didn't get a lot of progress, our neighbor drove by and offered Brian to use his Auger. Still lots of work, but so much easier and faster.. OMG we were done in 4 hours, with digging 20 holes, planting the shrubs and putting soil and pine straw down. I am very impressed of ourselves.

Sunday we had so much rain - so there is no excuse for them not to grow!!

While digging all those holes we found tons of rocks. What to do with those?
I decided on getting rid of the pinestraw mess next to our drive way/garage and replace it with those rocks.
I really like the outcome. It looks so much cleaner.

I'm my moms daughter - everytime we walk the dogs (at least 5 times a day) I collect little rocks off the streets. My mom does the same thing. We both get totally excited when seeing a great rock to take home. My moms house is already surrounded by an amazing amount of rocks, collected from anywhere in the world. Ours still has pinestraw but hopefully I'm able to find some more over the years! :) This wall was a start and I love it.

Now we take some rest until next weekend, when another 35 shrubs will be placed in their new home.
Blisters will hopefully be healed by then.

Count - 56 shrubs done
           35 outstanding
  91 total
Just to make me feel better - we would have spend a fortune hiring a landscaping company.

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