Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh Tennessee..

For Brian's step brothers wedding we headed up "North" to Tennessee for the weekend.

They actually got married a couple weeks earlier, just the two of them on the beach but wanted to celebrate afterall with family and friends.
We went to a really cool bar and restaurant called Sambuca and hung out with mostly Brians nephews Aiden and Tyler.
This little guy below is Tyler, he is now 4 years old and the devil himself. The cutest little whirlwind and I'm obsessed with him.


and of course totally obsessed with my Brian too! :)

Brians mom fed us Creme Brulee on spoons.

A fun night came to an end...

The next morning we drove to a lake with Brians mom, Steele and Toby

The boys loved the water




But then got out and

took off into the woods

to come back with this little guy 

Back on leashes they needed to stay with mommy

Such a fun weekend which we need to do very soon again.
Thanks to my STB MIL for letting us have the dogs in the house (eating the kids Legos)

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