Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vegas Baby

While we are already back from a short weekend in Vegas, I still wanted to share some pictures.

My friend Dorothee, her boyfriend Marco and their girl Josephine planned a vacation on the west coast this year. Since Brian loves to gamble we decided to visit them while they are in the city that never sleeps.

We dropped off the boys at doggie cares Saturday morning and flew out to Las Vegas. After checking into the hotel we went straight to In N Out Burger which was across the street from our hotel. Also the line was ridiculously long, it was worth the wait. We dont have that burger chain on the east coast and we were really excited to eat there. We walked up and down the strip, won and lost some money and ended up exhausted in the hotel that night. The next morning we laid at the pool for couple hours and BURNED UP. We met up with Doro, Marco and Josie and catched up while walking on the strip again. Went to the M & M Store,

watched the 3D movie, lost some more money, stopped for lunch at a mexican restaurant before heading to some more hotels.

The Bellagio is always worth to take a break and watch the water fountains.

When it got dark we went back to the hotel, went back to In N' Out Burger for another great meal and had drinks in our friends hotel room while Josie was asleep.
Since they came from Germany with 9 hours time difference, and we from the east coast with 3 hours time difference, we unfortunately didnt make it past midnight. Thank goodness, since Brians phone went off at 4am, and he had to work for 3 hours.

Later that morning we had breakfast and laid at the pool (covered up) before it was already time to say good bye.

A fun, but very short trip.

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