Monday, June 18, 2012

First swimming lesson

Sunday - Funday spent at Lake Allatoona

Our equipment, 2 tubes, 2 kajaks, life jackets, cooler...

Trying to hold on to the leashes

getting them out of the woods where they ran off in

and trying to keep them out of the water.. this didnt last too long though

Toby's first experience with water - outside the tub and he LOVED it.
The minute he got into the water he first jumped up and down before figuring out the swimming part.
It was so cute to watch, of course I didn't have my camera ready.
With two kayaks, two tubes, 2 doggie life jackets to put on those boys, paddles and dogs which run away into the woods as soon as you dont watch... it took us about 45 minutes to even get to the first try to get on the kayak/into the tubes. 

Trying to get them to stay in the tubes didnt work out as planned. They sat for about 10 seconds and when we thought all is good, one of them jumped out again. SO, both of them ended up with us in the kayak, then Toby jumped out swam to the shore and had to be caught in the woods. Another try, Steele jumped out swam to our friends kayak and wanted to ride with him. He only had a one man kayak and there was no room for a 65lbs lab. Finally back at ours, I had to pull him up in the middle of the lake without falling in myself. He sat on my lab, while Brian relocated himself and Toby into the tube. Guess who paddled? darn right, ME.

4 jumps later and a distance of about 1/2 a mile (in 1.5hours) we decided to call it a day. We were exhausted. We didn't really picture it this way. When you see those movies where the dogs just ride along on a boat, kayak there is never anything mentioned about the jumping out in the middle of the lake and trying to pull them back in without flipping the boat. It is hard work!!

Back on the shore we threw the little baseball and Steele and Toby had the best time running into the water.

Since Toby tried to be all over the place we at least put a leash on him so it is easier to grab him.

The second they got in the car they were passed out.
Exhausted from a day (hour) of swimming.
When we finally got home, they even shared the pillow and cuddled up.


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