Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Puppy dawgs

Going on a walk seperately to make live easier for me since Brian is out of time for two weeks. Same spot, different dog to roll around in pine straw.
Weirdest thing that Toby stopped at the same location.


"Helping" me do yard work by stealing my gloves

   (can you see his nose? Digging in the mud)

    and again, a few days later

Waiting patiently in front of the window for Daddy to come home

Catching his first (already dead!) squirrel, we had a very hard time getting it out of his mouth! Not my favorite part, but as you can see I switched dogs right after that happend. Brian took over littleone and took care of the ISSUE.

Easter with the american grandma, both love her very much and are just the sweetest babies fast asleep on her lab and besides her feet.

Why cant they be that quiet when they are with me?



finding big sticks on our walks...

covered in leaves

and so proud, not even caring about the leaves hanging out of his mouth

Happy hump day!


Heather said...

Your dogs are gross bringing home dead squirrels! Just gross. Doesnt he know he kisses his mother with that mouth!?

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

Hi I "found" your blog through
A Better After Blog...where she posted your chair redo. 8~)
I had a Grandmother that was German...never lived in Germany...her name was Ottelie.
She was my favorite!
Take care,