Monday, April 2, 2012


I was invited to my friend Elisabeth' bridal shower this past Saturday. Besides some gifts from BBB I wanted to give her something personal/special. I was looking around blogland to find an idea and stumbled across this website. Elisabeth is the best cook ever. She is making dinner plans for the week and is cooking a lot of amazing meals.. Since she is a passionate cook, I wanted to give her something related to that. When I saw the little whisk earrings I knew these would be the perfect gift.

Check out the full tutorial here

You will need the following tools:

Beading Wire (I used 20 gauge)
Hook Wire Earring Findings 
Needle Nose Jewelry Pliers
Small Dowel (I used a paint brush)

Wrap the wire around your dowel (7-10 times) make sure they are really tight and close together. Try to stick the ends inside.

Take it off the dowel and put it aside.
Now use two fingers and wrap the wire around them about 5 times, cut it in the same position as you started

push the ends together with your pliers and stick it through your round wire

Attach the earing finding to one of the loops of your whisk


Put in a nice jewelry box

Since it was so easy, I decided on doing a necklace as well.

I wrapped the wire around a little bigger round brush, wrapped the whisk part 8 times around my finger and attached a pendant pail to one of the loops of the whisk.

Attach a necklace to the pendant

And here you have it.. The full assortment of the Whisk Collection.

A nice personal gift, now I just hope she likes them..

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