Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Different shades of Grey

It is so hard for me to come up with art for our house. So many high ceilings, and so much space to put pictures, that I'm overwhelmed and just don't put anything up. Months ago I saw an episode of one of HGTV's shows. There was a designer who just put oil paint on a spoon and smashed it on canvas. He created the coolest art ever. I loved those pictures. I went to Michaels, bought some canvas and paint, took a spoon and spooned painted 6 different colored flowers on it while watching Sex and the City. Not sure if I got distracted or what, but in the end I put them in a drawer deep down, so nobody would find those.

I forgot about them until it was time to declutter drawers. 
What do you think? Better hidden in the drawer, right!

The texture of the pictures is really cool, you can see it in the below picture.

Since I'm a little obsessed with grey right now, I mixed 6 different shades and just like that changed the colors of all the pictures.



Now they are hanging in our living room. I like them but still think something is missing. Not sure what yet. AND yes, the book case needs some serious color change!!

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