Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I have found the one

I'm always looking for new things to personalize and update our house/furniture/decoration. Couple weeks ago I found a saying on Susie Harris' blog which she painted as a sign. Since I already have several signs standing around (Brian doesn't want to put holes in the walls! :( ) I printed the saying with my Silhouette machine on black vinyl. Peeling off everything but the words and cutting it to size   


Laying it on our bedroom mirrow to figure out spacing

I laid it on transfer paper and got rid of the sticky back side.

With a Silhouette tool (or a credit card) smoothly placed the vinyl onto the mirrow

and getting rid of the backing (hard to take pictures of a mirror!!)

and after it was completely done, I found out that I put it up side down. Awesome job! I really didnt want to remove the words from the mirrow and decided on re-placing the screws to hang it the right way!

Have you ever upgraded a mirrow with a decal?

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*Reading Between the Lines* said...

I have not done a mirror...
but do like the little plaques that you can find at different craft stores.