Sunday, February 12, 2012

My first Teddybear


I always thought that making a teddy bear is one of the easiest sewing projects someone could come up with. Let me tell you - IT IS NOT!

I was yelling at the unfinished, head-less bear, I threw it across the room and cried. It was so bad that even Brian felt sorry and told me that it looked good and he wouldn't change a thing. I love him, sometimes he knows that it wouldn't be good to tell the truth! :) He tried to make me feel better, but at some point he started laughing and so did I. I set it aside and gave it some time. (to maybe finish itself!?) It took several days for its
completion, I told myself that I'm not perfect either and that little bear might have some hip and spine problems along with a not so straight posture and it might be just fine. :)

Let's start from the beginning. First of all I drew a bear parts (body, legs, arms and a head with ears) on pink fabric and cut it out.

Secondly I pinned the pink fabric on two pieces of light beige fabric.

I cut everything out and sewed the pieces (right sides facing) together.

Before putting any batting in the head, I sewed buttons as eyes and a nose as well as stitched a mouth.

 I then filled the legs and arms with batting and sewed it shut.

Filled the head and with a needle hand stitched the hole on the neck shut.

I sewed on the arms and legs to the body

I spare most of the details where I had to detach the arms and also the legs, since they looked riciculously wrong positioned. I unstuffed the head and turned the inside of the head and the body out, sewed the head onto the body, attached the arms,

cut of some shoulder fabric sewed some more,

filled the body and the head with batting  and sewed the bottom shut. Then cut it back open, since the leg position changed with me sewing the middle shut. Re-positioned the legs and the bottom body part and sewed it shut again.  

To make it look a little nicer (and take some of the view of the posture of the bear) I used stitch glue to put some ribbon around the stitchlines. 

Welcome Mr. Bear, you will now have a little 2 year old girl to play with.
Happy Birthday Carla

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Tracey said...

You've done a great job! & the photos are fab :)

Heather said...

Yes! This came out perfectly!