Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gym is the new Sugar


Couple weeks ago I came up with a motto with a colleague of mine. "Gym is the new sugar". I had this draft saved for weeks now to show off my amazing work out results at some point, but of course never got to it. We are pretty busy at work right now and for some reason, the sugar craving gets worse if you have tons to do.

SO we decided on working out everyday instead of not working out and eating 3 cupcakes a day.

I was doing really well, went to the gym at least ones a day (Monday-Friday) for three weeks. I still ate tons of sugar, but didnt feel bad about it anymore. :)

And then... we adopted 2 little dogs, and life has changed since. Yesterday I froze my gym membership for the next two months. I feel kinda sad about it, but haven't had that much excercise as I do right now, in months. I still need to get used to getting up before 7am every morning, but the walk with Steele is so refreshing and clearing out my mind, I really enjoy it. Brian and I are alternating the lunch and afternoon walks due to our work schedules. We are going together in the evening with both of them, and then later that night with Steele. Roundabout 2 hours each day of walking and I have lost already 5lbs in one week. YAY.. (and hopefully these few pounds are not just my muscles decreasing)

ANYWAYS.. my motto I guess doesnt work anymore and should be something like "My dogs chase me, so the pounds I gained due to my sugar addiction, disappear!"

Happy Leap Day everyone!

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