Monday, February 20, 2012

Cupcake Debacle

Here is my first failure in baking cupcakes. It started with my new cupcake recipe book and using self rising flour. The plan was to bake vanilla cupcakes with shades of pink frosting.

I put mixed berries in the batting and folded them in.

I put the cupcakes in for 18min at 350F.
While in the oven, they overfloaded the cup,

and when almost done, they completely fell together.

I was about to cry - they were pretty much going into the trash right there.
Brian said, just call them muffins and be done with it. But I couldn't leave them as ugly as they were and crumbled all of the 12 cupcakes into a bowl.

 I then mixed some strawberry frosting under, I had cake pops in mind! But it was so not going to stay in any kind of shape. Next idea, I put all of it into my decoration tube

and pressed little round shapes onto a cookie sheet.

Placed them into the fridge overnight and hoped they will become hard. Not happening either. SO I heated up the oven to 375 and baked them until the bottom turned brown. AND I have to tell you - they are delicious! :) and I named them Mixed Berry Treats.

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