Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blue, White and Red Cupcakes


Superbowl is finally here. Our friends are throwing a party and since I already made Superbowl Cookies last year, I decided to bring Cupcakes this year. The Giants and the Patriots are wearing both almost the same colors (white, blue and some red - If I'm told correctly - I'm not really a football fan YET)

For my cupcakes I used white cake mix, mixed in some white chocolate chip morsels and poured it into 12 cupcake liners. Baked by 350F for 20minutes, and let them cool down.

For fun I also wanted to make dark red cupcakes with food color, but that didn't turn out that well. They came out pinkish, but who cares.

Then I prepared the icing and put it in my awesome Icing tool. For all 18 cupcakes I used two jars of white icing (blue included)

First round I used just white icing with a star tip.

Then I mixed some white icing with blue food color (again, didn't turn out as dark as I wanted to, but I did not want to play with the bitter taste in putting more food color in - and didn't want to buy more ingredients to make them darker either - I'm sure nobody really cares)

After mixing it together with an electric mixer, it turned out light blue.

I used the blue icing on top of the white

and then decorated with some prinkles.

And here they are in all their beauty.

You could also make them for July 4th, or any other occasion. :)

Are you excited about the game tonight? What team are you chearing for, or are you just excited for the half time show and the commercials?

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Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

very cute, I love simple things some times:)

Jill @ said...

Love this! We are hosting our first Kitchen Fun and Crafty link party this Friday (the 10th) and would love for you to share this! Feel free to stop by and grab a party button!

Sara said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Love it! Pretty please link this up at my turquoise lovin' party!