Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The messiest craft room in town

Almost 4 years ago, when we moved into our house, I claimed one of the bedrooms my craft room.
I took our old dining room table, which sat 8 and made it my craft oasis.
Every couple months I had to unclutter my little heaven to have it look tidy and nice. And it worked until we bought our cabin and my craft table had to become a dining room table again. Bye bye table.
Now that I had no table to use anymore, my crafting slacked and everything landed on top of each other on the floor.
I quickly ran out of space.

4 months later, it was time to do something about it.
Brian was gone for a week and I started tackling the room. I bought two cubbies from Walmart for $49.00 each, assembled them and took my old cubby from Ikea to place in the middle.

I wanted a huge table.

Over a year ago we drove around the neighborhood and stumbled across a door leaning on a tree with a sticker on it "Free to good home". I consider us a pretty good home, opened the back of the truck and took it home.
It sat in our basement with no purpose in mind until I needed a table.

I measured the lengths between the two cubbies and cut the door to size.
I didn't know that doors are hole and made out of pretty cheap material.
Anyways, it will serve its new purpose as a shelf.

After screwing in support brackets to both of the cubbies, I painted the backside as well as the door with a crisp white.

The door was placed onto the middle cubby as well as the support brackets on each side. 

Before the door even came into our household, we had workers at our house trying to fix a leak on the roof. They hauled in tons of equipment, plywood, trim boards and white 12' boards. Not sure what their plan with those were, but I was thrilled when they left (without fixing the issue), but left all the material there.  

Now almost 4 years later, I cut my free boards to size, cleaned'em up and gave them a nice coat of white paint. The boards are now 8' long, I needed 5 to cover the depth of the cubes.

After they got 3 coats of paint and were all dried, I took another board, cut 3 pieces to the depth and about 3" wide. I turned my boards up side down, screwed all of the boards together to make them secure. I also attached one standing up on the new shelf (my old door) to the bottom of the new boards.

Everything got screwed in, wax was applied for more durability and ta do, after a couple days my craft room looks organized, ideas can finally flow again and the feeling is just AMAZING.  
I have space to sew, to use my silhouette, write my blog, the possibilities are endless.

Everything is now in totes, jars or neatly tucked away.

Even my eye chart got a new place.  

Lets hope this "new" craft room will look always as organized and pretty as it does today.



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