Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wine Cork Wreath

I don't drink. Its hard to believe that those words are coming out of my mouth, isn't it? I drank a LOT when I was younger, but about 4 years ago I started to react allergic. First just to wine, then to liquor and now a days, to about everything on the planet. It sucks. Hanging around in bars is no fun anymore, if you are the only one sober. Don't get me wrong, I do drink from time to time, have tissues and Benadryl nearby, but I can't really enjoy it (with a runny nose and problems to breathe). I do love wine corks though. Thanks to a few friends, I'm still able to get corks. :)
I already made a chalkboard/cork sign which is hanging at the entry way of our cabin.
I still had a few laying around to play with.
On Pinterest I found a pretty cool cork wreath and thought that it would look nice on the front door of our cabin.
I bought a Styrofoam wreath, took my glue gun out and got to work.
One cork after the other got glued onto the wreath, trying to prevent the wreath from underneath to show through.
I stacked them on top of each other or glued'em side ways.

Filled the middle

and the other side
all the way around 
Until there was no space left out.

I saved a couple of really cool corks to put on top of the Wreath.
Our doggie Steele has its place. I wonder how this wine tasted like though!?

B for Brian - Isn't there a wine out with my Initials?
I haven't gotten my hands on it - yet.

Solaris, the name of the boat my grandparents owned.

After everything was in place, I hung it on the front door and can now leave it plain or put bows on for different seasons.


I have a couple of corks left, let's see what else I can come up with.  

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