Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ammunition Side Table

What a nice hot day it was today. After a busy morning and a two hour nap I woke up with the sun in my face, looked outside and it was pouring. What a weird combination. Even Toby and Steele were so confused that they went outside and laid in the yard not knowing what was wrong. So I decided that there is no better time than now to start on a little craft project.
I looked through our wooden pile in the basement and grabbed some plywood, left over table legs, the  Ammunition box that we got at an auction (for $17.00) and some pallet wood.
Our local hard ware store cut me the legs to size, since I don't have a good saw yet to cut them myself. I measured the plywood and cut it to the same size as the Ammo box. With a couple screws, the legs were attached onto the plywood.

I stained the legs and the plywood in Dark Walnut, laid the Ammo Box up side down on the floor and screwed the plywood in from the bottom.

While this all happened the thunderstorm was right over our house, lights went out and it just poured down like nobody's business. Are you ok to use power tools when lightning is that close? I was wondering about that, while I had the saw, sander and drill in my hand.
I already liked the new table, but something was missing.
Back to my scrap box I went and hunted for more wooden pieces.
I found some small panels I was able to use for the sides. I cut them to size and screwed them into both insides of the legs. After they were in place I stained them with the same stain. Then my beloved pallet wood came in handy. I cut 3 panels to size, and screwed them into the side panels.
It only took me a couple hours and when I was done, the rain had stopped so we could go for a nice walk with the doggies.
Here it is -our new side table



Heather said...

So cool! Where do you have that

The German Girl said...

It's in the downstairs entry way waiting to go up to the cabin I think.