Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Eye Chart

Trying to figure out our wide open living room space and bare walls.
Brian still doesn't want to put holes into the walls which makes it difficult to decorate. When we had a contractor over a couple months back they dropped off two 2'x8' plywood sheets by mistake and never picked them up. I was a little upset first before I realized that I can make signs out of them. I was one happy girl. We carried those huge very heavy boards inside and I forgot about them until recently.
I saw so many eye charts floating around on the web and wanted to make one as well. Having a hard time figuring out what to write since it needs to fit perfectly in the rows 
 Finally I came up with our birthdays, who needs letters anyways. 
Numbers are the new letters.
Brian, me, Steele and Toby (the dogs of course are part of this)
The complete board was covering up our dining room table.
I started measuring, blue taping and measuring some more.
I wanted to have 7 rows of numbers, starting tiny on the bottom (as tiny as you can, on a 8' board) and went up larger as you go to the top.

When I had all of my measurements I used my Silhouette to cut those letters in all the different sizes on vinyl and stuck them on the board.
The smallest font is 4", the largest is 14"

When all numbers were in place I took out my big can of black chalkbaord paint and painted over the vinyl numbers. Let it dry, then
gave it a second coat let it dry again and wait for help to lift it up.

With all the measuring, it took me a complete day to do this project, but I'm happy how it turned out and finally our living room has a personalized huge art in the corner - and our bare walls are filling up. :)
Its an eye chart, but I assume a blind person could read it, it is huge!
I love how the wood grain is coming to life.

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