Friday, March 8, 2013

How to ask the girls

Planning a wedding is most of the times very stressful, with so much to do you might loose your mind and just very expensive if you dont find a way to trick it.

What makes me relax, is crafting. Lots of it.
I started with creating cards and envelopes to ask my girlfriends and sister to be my bridesmaids/maid of honor.
By the time I did those cards, I haven't had a thought about our color scheme for the wedding.
Funny that those two colors though made it to the final.
With my Silhouette I cut 12x12 sheets of swirly grey paper and folded then glued the envelopes together. Easy peasy
I bought a cute wedding dress picture at the Silhouette online store months prior to being engaged... I did a wedding card for a friend of mine. 
I cut the wedding dress out and glued it onto the card which is heavier card stock in purple/white
Cut some swirly little design on the side and glued another contrasting piece of paper underneath. 
If the inside was purple I cut white cardstock with the words "Will you be my Bridesmaid/Maid of honor/" and glued it on top of the card.
And off they went in the mail.
I'm so excited to have my favorite ladies staying by my side and that bid day.
Hopefully all of them can be there!!!



Anonymous said...

I did not get an invitation like that from brian

The German Girl said...

He is working on them very hard!;)

Amanda Stertzer said...

I love your creativity!!! You rock Carina!!!