Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa Dress

A year ago I had the idea of making a santa dress myself. This year will be the 19th Santa Pub Crawl in Atlanta and I can't wait till next Saturday. I've been there already four times. The first year was in 2005 and I was a little scared that I will be the only person dressed up. I dressed up as the Star Taler, a Grimm fairytale. Bj, my american mom helped me put on the stars. Next to me is my friend Tanja who I met while interning that year in Atlanta.

Look at that crowd. I was so relieved! :)
So much fun with hundreds of Santa's.

That was also the night were I had to say good by to my huge crush Ross Geller, who was the DJ at Q100. I have to admit, I stalked him for about 6 months - so in love - I was young and didnt know better!

ANYWAYS... back to my original plan...

This saturday I looked for some fabric and found the perfect red velvet and a white fluffy border. Back home I took out my last years outfit:

I laid out the white dress on top of the red fabric and marked the outlines with a fabric marker.

I included a little extra just in case and cut.


Put right sides together and pinned the outline of the dress.

After sewing the sides and shoulders (dont sew the arms, neck or bottom together!) I pinned the white border around the dress.

Sewed it on.

and put it on my dress form to see the progress

I love that white fabric, it looks like tiny rose buds.

after that was done, I pinned the arms.

formed and pinned the arm holes of the dress
and laid everything out again

The arm has to be right side out! I put the arm inside the dress

and pinned it together.

Sewing it onto the dress, laid it out to admire it :)

I put it on, to see if it fits at all..

 The arm was a bit to wide, so I tightend it some.

Doubled the arm for the other side,

laid it out again

tried it another time, made some tiny changes to it

and hung it on the dress form to work on the details

Pinned white border to the chest/neck and the arms

sewed it on as best as I could

For the arms I had to hand sew some parts, since it was to tight to get it in the machine


My very first Santa Dress.

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Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

Great job! I would never know where to begin. :) The belt really makes it!

Mom Daughter Style said...

you've done a great job!