Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas in the house..

Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum wie schön sind Deine Blätter...

This is a german Christmas song about the Christmas tree.
Three weeks ago we bought a new Christmas tree. It's place is in the living room. Since we had already a tree and it was already decorated by the time the new addition came, we put it in the dining room. Why not have two, right?

Besides the trees we have two stockings over the fire place which I have decorated with white buttons. I think the stockings came from a Dollar store. I hand stitched the buttons in shape of our initials.

In front of the fire place I put some pine cones, red christmas ornaments and a silver star candle.

In our "candle house" you can find more red ornaments and of course candles! :)

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to you and yours.



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