Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A new Ottoman for $7.50

I found this little guy over at our local thrift store this past weekend.

It was just $7.50 and I saw all his beauty! :) Brian thought I'm crazy and asked me about three times if I'm serious about taking it home. I was very serious and it took about two minutes (until I had all my tools together) to start working on it. 

Taking off that flowerly layer of fabric, a nice orange ottoman came to present. Ugh..

One layer of batting to make the cushion a bit more stable

I chose a beige fabric with black print (which I received by mistake from Jo-Anns couple months ago and was able to keep it for free) Turning the ottoman over and starting to staple the fabric to the bottom.

Of course Steele helped me.

Working all four sides until all of the fabric is tucked away underneath.


I love it, it gives our couch and the living room a little more style. Of course I had to sew two matching pillows with the leftover fabric.

Only thing I haven't done yet (and should have done first thing) are the legs, but I can't make up my mind which color. Until then it just stays this way. 

For a total of $7.50 we have a new piece of furniture living with us! I think it already is 100% better than it was and I love it. What do you think?

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