Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Girl needs a Pearl

Floating around on the internet I found instructions on creating a pearl ring. Of course I have no idea any more where I found it, but it was stuck in my head. So when coming home I went into my craft room and sorted through some boxes. I found a pearl, some wire, grabbed a wooden stick (which I think is to fix holes in socks) some scissors and a pair of pliers.

I cut about 20" of wire, feed the wire through the hole of the pearl and stop in the middle of the wire.
Take your wooden stick and lay the wire around two times on each side. Take it off and try it on to see if you need to make it tighter or bigger. When you found the right size, start to wrap one side of the wire around the pearl a couple times and end it by wrapping the leftover wire on one side. Make sure it is really tight. Use your pliers to tighten it up. Wrap the other side of the wire around the other side of the pearl to get the ring part tight, and done.

Such an easy project, it took 5 minutes and I already love my new ring.

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