Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Laundry Room Decal

For Christmas I made myself a big present. I ordered a silhoutee CAMEO.
I'm still totally new to it and I need some more time to play with it. I ordered white self adhesive vinyl and finally finished my idea of a Laundry Wall Decal. 
Several months ago, I ordered some self adhesive vinyl, but without the CAMEO the vinyl ended up in a drawer somewhere.  

This was my first attempt. Printed and sketched papers, scissors, vinyl...

Now with that fabulous toy of mine it was "almost" easy. I used Garamond as font and went 9inch in width and 76 inch in length. (Speed 8, Thickness 12)

I had to cancel the job several times since my vinyl moved in the middle of the process and the letters were messed up. Not sure what I did wrong though. Finally, when everything was cut, I peeled off the negative space of  the vinyl from the backing. All that remains are the letters. Now you should use some transfer tape, which I did not have. I took a ruler made some marks on the wall and stuck one letter at a time on the wall.  

           Before: very empty wall decor        After: Laundry Decal 


I re-placed some of the letters to be somewhat straight. :)

 Now laundry will be so much more fun! LOL

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