Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Vacation of the year

Our first vacation of the year 2012.

On December 30, after work we drove 4 hours to Montreat NC, were our friends Susan and Josef have an incredible house in the mountains.

On Saturday we toured Montreat and walked around Lake Susan, where apparently they throw fish in, in the spring time for people to fish.


We drove to Asheville which is about 30min by car. 
We spent our lunch at The Bier Garden

went to a chocolaterie were I had a date with Santa.

From downtown Asheville we walked all the way to the arts disctrict were we had some beer at the Wedge Brewing Company and enjoyed beautiful weather.

On our way back we passed a lot of really cool buildings and arts.

The New Years eve we spent at home with home made pizza, lots to drink and a nap before 10pm.

Hunter joined us

New Years day we decided on a hike up the mountain.
My new years resolution - MORE CARDIO

We walked all the way from the house, downhill to downtown Montreat, then up the roads. I was done, not even close to the beginning of the trail. I tried to get the thoughts of "I just wait here, till they come down again" out of my head and kept walking.

Had to rest a little on the way up

and some more

But finally on top of the mountain - the view was worth coming all the way up. 


After some rest, we headed down hill.
(Unfortunately the hike was so intense that there was no way on taking pictures. Climbing rocks, steps which were higher then my knees..) So the pictures taken are from the more easier part of the trail. Still not that easy - Let me tell you.


EXHAUSTED - but very happy! :)

Happy New Year 2012

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